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 Post subject: Most Popular Beatles album on iTunes
PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2010 6:52 pm 
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Beatles albums are now available on iTunes, I'm sure you know.
Just saw the chart of most poular downloads in the UK. This provides a new insight in the 'real' popularity of Beatles albums. Historical sales of albums are distorted, since the whole record/CD industry had its ups and downs; so it is not easy to compare Please Please Me with Let It Be, the overall sales of any record multipled in those 7 years or so.

But now they are all offered for the first time at the same moment. Here's the list:
25. "Sgt Pepper"
26. "1967-1970"
28. "1962-1966"
40. "Abbey Road"
46. "White Album"
52. "Revolver"
62. "Rubber Soul"
66. "Beatles Box set"
75. "Magical Mystery Tour"
79. "Please Please Me"
101. "Let it Be"
107. "With the Beatles"
114. "A Hard Days Night"
122. "Past Masters"
141. "Beatles For Sale"
168. "Help!"

Surprising ?

First, I think the compliations should be taken out of the ranking, they don't indicate popularity of any single album (which is what I'm looking for).

Then, Sgt Pepper appears to be the most popular Beatles album ever. No surpirse to me: I think it was certainly the most innovative, shocking, new sounding, album of the lot. On me, it made an immense impression, couldn't stop playing it and discovering new things every time.

Abbey Road is second; not a big surprise. It is the best sounding album (they had 16 track recording), and the most 'commercial' album. They just played mucic together for te last time, and wanted it to sound good. Stil remarkable that it ends up so high, since the Lennon & Mccartney songs are not their best (in my ears). B-side is just mostly collection of leftovers and half-songs strung together. In a sense, it is Harrison's masterpiece.

White Album third, which surpises me. It is certainly not so high on my personal list. Perhaps it ended up as third, since it is the only remaining 'modern' sounding album. The older albums may sound too sixty-ish (sweet melodies, innocent lyrics) ?

Revolver I understand. It is also among my favourites of the 'middle period': Sophisticated songs, simple production, although it already transitions into the psychedalic era in some songs.

Rubber Soul: yeah, should be up there. Folksy, great songs.

Magical Mystery Tour: surprise. Perhaps again because it sounds modern, but songs are not that great.

Let It Be ends up remakable low, for being their last album, and having been re-releasd in naked form. Perhaps people have had enough of the back to the 60's tracks ?

The Film (Movie..) albums end up low in the list. Maybe it now shows that many songs were hastily put together to be released in time with the film ? Or it could be the sound, A Hard Days Night always sounds harsh in my ears, and I don't like the artificial double tracking of the vocals.

Overall, the list makes sense; personally, I would have expected Help! and Please Please Me higher up.

 Post subject: Re: Most Popular Beatles album on iTunes
PostPosted: Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:39 pm 

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I've been posting daily iTunes chart action in the 910. Here's today's, with [additional notes] added:

Top iTunes album sales, Friday 11/19/10, 12:30 PM:

1. Rhianna - Loud (-)
2. Glee Cast - Glee: The Music - The Christmas Album (-)
3. Rascal Flatts - Nothing Like This (-)
4. The Beatles - Abbey Road (+1)
5. Keith Urban - Get Closer (-1)
6. A Day to Remember - What Separates Me from You (-)
7. Tayor Swift - Speak Now
8. Lee DeWyze - Live It Up (-1)
9. The Beatles - The Beatles (White Album) (-1)
10. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper (-1)

Beyond the Top 10 sales:

11. 1967-70 (-1)
13. 1962-66 (-)
14. The Beatles Box Set ($149) (-2) [this had reached as high as #10 a couple of days ago]
16. Rubber Soul (-1)
23. Revolver (-2)
24. MMT (-2)
25. A Hard Day's Night (+1)
26. Let It Be (-1)
31. Please Please Me (-3)
32. Help! (-3)
35. With the Beatles (-4)
39. Past Masters Vol. 1 & 2 (-5)
52. Beatles for Sale (-15)
76. Yellow Submarine (-19)

Several albums are unmistakably fading (BFS and YS), others are drifting away (PPM, Help!, WtB, and Past Masters). AR, White Album, and Pepper continue in the Top 10, with AR's sales increasing.

Currently, 46 individual Beatles tracks (counting duplicates) are in iTunes's top 200 songs list, down from 58 yesterday [on Wednesday there were 64]. The top selling Beatles song remains "Here Comes the Sun," but it's fading, down from #19 yesterday to #29 today [its highest ranking had been #17].

 Post subject: Re: Most Popular Beatles album on iTunes
PostPosted: Fri Nov 19, 2010 10:16 pm 
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Thanks for the listing. I posted the UK sales, I think yours are the global rankings ? The global sales are probably dominated by the US market. Overall, UK and US popularity rankings are similar, except for Sgt Pepper; 3rd globally (US), no 1 in the UK.

Could this be related to the current popularity of Dhani Harrison in the US ? Most popular Beatles song is Here Comes the Sun (off Abbey Road)!

 Post subject: Re: Most Popular Beatles album on iTunes
PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2014 9:53 am 

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A bit like when Macca discovered that Ukraine's favourite song by him was 'Mrs Vanderbilt' (which he joked at the time 'I had to look it up'), iTunes arrival showed up that around the world, the Beatles song that had stuck in people's heads after one hearing, no matter their age, seems to be George's 'Here Comes The Sun'.
It was certainly the case with a girlfriend I had in Hungary in 2010/11. She wasn't really into anything but Hungarian music, Bowie and Nick Cave but I had just acquired the 'Abbey Road Instrumental' album and put it on and she was suddenly aflame at that one but outraged the vocals had gone! :P
She remembered hearing it as a child and when I put the proper album on her hard drive, she began to start every morning with it and then discovered that Leonard Cohen was quoted as having done the same for about a year!
It was good as I had never listened so much to Side 2 of 'Abbey Road' as I did for a year in Hungary but not sure when I wanna hear it again :P

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